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Intracellular Pathogens - February 2016

Last updated:
1 February 2016

Intracellular pathogens – bacteria, parasites and fungi – frequently infect macrophages, turning these deadly cells into harmless hosts. This minireview series, coordinated by Daniel Gillet, examines the complex mechanisms underlying this phenomenon.

Meiosis - May 2015

Last updated:
30 May 2015

Errors in meiotic chromosome segregation are a leading cause of human aneuploidy. Coordinated by Roberto J. Pezza, this minireview series provide a view on the function and regulation of systems that are in place to promote proper meiotic chromosome segregation.

Matrix Pathobiology - November 2014

Last updated:
1 November 2014

Matrix macromolecules exhibit leading roles in physiological and pathological processes. This minireview series was coordinated by Nikos K. Karamanos and Alberto Passi, and covers emerging areas of research in the matrix macromolecule field, including epigenetics, stem cells, microRNAs, as well as proteoglycan interactions with proteolytic enzymes.

Weak Protein Interactions - April 2014

Last updated:
30 April 2014

The biological importance of transient or weak protein interactions is only beginning to be appreciated. Coordinated by Jun Qin and Angela Gronenborn, this minireview series evaluates current and future possibilities for applying targeted biophysical techniques to investigate weak, transient protein‐ligand complexes.

Lipid Signalling in Health and Disease - December 2013

Last updated:
3 December 2013

Daniela Corda and Maria Antonietta De Matteis coordinated this minireview series, based on the FEBS Advanced Course on Lipid Signalling and Cancer (2012). The pieces in this series highlight the physiological and cancer-related roles for phosphoinositides and sphingolipids, and discuss their potential as drug targets in cancer treatment.

Thiamine-Dependant Enzymes - December 2013

Last updated:
2 December 2013

Thiamin (vitamin B1)‐dependent enzymes have key roles in metabolism and disease. Victoria I. Bunik coordinated this minireview series that discusses the importance of enzymes employing thiamin diphosphate as a coenzyme in medicine and biotechnology.

Systems Medicine - December 2013

Last updated:
1 December 2013
Technological advances have not only dramatically accelerated progress in medical knowledge and practice, but also revealed the enormous complexity of diseases and pathogenetic mechanisms. Walter Kolch and Boris N. Kholodenko coordinated this minireview series that discusses the challenges and opportunities for systems-level approaches in medicine, pathology and drug

Dynamic Proteins – November 2013

Last updated:
30 November 2013

The minireview series, coordinated by Lisa M. Miller Jenkins and Daniel Figeys, represents a sampling of work presented at the 2012 Methods in Protein Structure Analysis meeting. This series offers a window into the dynamics of protein conformation, regulation, and function.  

Neurodegeneration - September 2013

Last updated:
30 September 2013

Coordinated by Wolfgang Meyerhof and Dietmar Richter, this minireview series features highlights of the 32nd Blankenese Conference on Neurodegeneration: From Multiple Sclerosis to Alzheimer's Disease (2012). The pieces in this series discuss the pathogenic mechanisms, genetic risk factors and strategies in diagnosis, therapy and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases.