Aims and Scope

FEBS Open Bio is an online-only open access journal for the rapid publication of research articles in molecular and cellular life sciences in both health and disease. The journal's peer review process focuses on the technical soundness of papers, leaving the assessment of their impact and importance to the scientific community.

FEBS Open Bio publishes experimental findings, critical analysis, methodological and technical innovations, and hypotheses. Novel or innovative work is encouraged, but papers describing sound science of a confirmatory nature in developing fields or extending knowledge of an important topic from one organism to another will also be considered.

Articles originally submitted to other FEBS publications (FEBS Letters, FEBS Journal and Molecular Oncology) can be transferred for consideration by FEBS Open Bio with their original reviewer reports, without the need to resubmit or reformat the manuscript.

The Education section of FEBS Open Bio is devoted to research articles in molecular and cellular life sciences education, with the aim of disseminating advice on education techniques and resources. Article dealing with best practice, innovative methods, teaching bioinformatics, and use of technology in education are welcome, as are those more specifically aimed at internationalization, training or career planning.

FEBS Open Bio offers:

  • Easy online manuscript submission and tracking system
  • Fast and helpful peer review - median time to first decision 28 days in 2016
  • Transfer service for articles from other FEBS journals, conserving peer reviews
  • Fast publication
  • Accepted articles published online within 7 days
  • Author-corrected final version available within 20 days
  • All articles are deposited in PubMed Central and indexed in PubMed