Molecular Enzymology 2012

Figure 2 from Humble et al (2012) FEBS Journal, 279: 779–792; Figure 2 from Macheroux et al (2011) FEBS Journal, 278: 2625–2634; Figure 2 from Marrott et al (2012) FEBS Journal, 279: 713–723

Published: 1 May 2012

Papers selected by Nigel Scrutton
Enzymes are superb catalysts. Understanding how they achieve large rate enhancements (up to 1021 over the uncatalysed reaction), coordinate complex reaction cycles and attain high levels of reaction specificity remain major challenges in the field. The study of enzymes and their mechanisms requires input from structural biology, kinetics and spectroscopy, computation and engineering as well as more specialized areas (e.g. single molecule methods, laser spectroscopy and chemical intervention). The FEBS Journal publishes high quality papers that embrace these approaches, revealing intricate details of the structures and dynamics of Nature's catalysts. The following selection of papers was made from FEBS Journal articles and reviews published between April 2011 and April 2012. This Virtual Issue showcases some of the excellent contributions published by FEBS Journal in the flourishing field of Molecular Enzymology.
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