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L16 60S

Special Issue on CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing

The FEBS Journal

The FEBS Journal Special Issue on CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing is out! Nine specially commissioned reviews from experts in the field cover topics from the initial discovery of CRISPR in bacteria, to the available tools and multiple applications of this powerful technology. We are grateful to our authors and referees for their contributions to this Special Issue, and hope you enjoy reading these pieces as much as we have!

12 Flavours of AMPK

Regenerative strategies for kidney engineering

Nuria Montserrat and colleagues (2016), The FEBS Journal

Recent advances in stem cell culturing and tissue engineering hold great promise for organ regeneration. In this State-of-the-Art Review, Montserrat and colleagues review current protocols for kidney cell regeneration from patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells and highlight future directions for the development of functional kindey grafts.


The activation of μ-opioid receptor potentiates LPS-induced NF-kB promoting an inflammatory phenotype in microglia

Stefania Merighi and colleagues, FEBS Letters

Neuroinflammation has been implicated in the development of tolerance to opioids. Here, Merighi and colleagues investigate how the opioid morphine affects lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced activation of nuclear factor-κB (NF-κΒ) in primary microglia. Morphine activated NF-κΒ and pro-inflammatory cytokine production through both μ-opioid receptor and the innate immune receptor TLR4 in a protein kinase Cε (PKCε)-dependent manner. The authors suggest PKCε targeting as a potential strategy against opioid tolerance.

TRAMP-Like Protein

Interaction properties of human TRAMP-like proteins and their role in pre-rRNA 5´ETS turnover

Nagahama, Masami and colleagues, FEBS Letters

The TRAMP complex targets aberrant RNAs for degradation by the exosome. In this study, the authors investigate the interactions between human TRAMP-like proteins and the nuclear exosome to reveal a novel role for the RRP6 catalytic subunit of the exosome in this process. Furthermore, the study provides evidence for the involvement of human TRAMP-like proteins in nuclear exosome-mediated turnover of the by-products of pre-ribosomal RNA processing.


AC-1001 H3 CDR peptide induces apoptosis and signs of autophagy in vitro and exhibits antimetastatic activity in a syngeneic melanoma model

Luiz Travassos and colleagues, FEBS Open Bio

The use of naturally derived peptides is an emerging strategy for the development of anti-cancer therapeutics. Luiz Travassos and colleagues employed this tactic in the design of an antibody derived peptide for the potential treatment of melanoma. Cytotoxic effects were observed in tumour cell lines and anti-metastatic effects seen in vivo.

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